Anal Fistula

Anal fistulas are mostly originated in inflammation of proctodeal glandes. In these cases only an operation can cure the fistula.
Aim of operation ist to cure fistula without recurrence while preventing for incontinency.
With LCAF Procedure (Laser Coagulation of Anal Fistula) I can completly prevent for incontinency.

In cases of urgent abscess surgery LCAF is a two-step surgery. At a first operation a silicon loop will placed in the main fistula tract while sidebranches will be cleaned and abscecces will be opened. After 8 weeks healing of wound a second operation will take place in which the fistula tract will be destroyed by a special laser fiber.

All surgery procedures for anal fistula treatment that prevent anal muscle in an maximum, can have a recurrency. I use LCAF procedure since 2012. My recurrency rate after the first treatment is 40%. After second time of LCAF recurrency rate decreases to 20%. A fecal incontinency doesn´t occur after LCAF procedure.