Pilonidal fistula

Coccyx fistula, pilonidal fistula

The minimally invasive treatment of a pilonidal sinus without fistula is performed with the pit-picking method. This method avoids large wounds that take a long time to heal by avoiding complete excision except for the coccyx. Only the pores (pits) 2 mm deep are cut out and removed. This results in considerably smaller wounds with less pain and faster healing. The reoccurrence of pits after an operation occurs in about 7% of cases. The pit-picking method can be performed again without any problems.

In case of a simultaneously existing fistula, the operation is performed by Laser Coagulation of Pilonidal Sinus (LCP). In this procedure, the wall of the fistula ducts is burned out with a special laser fibre and freed of inflammatory tissue.